Lutheran Brethren International Mission

Beginning in 1902 with missionaries to China, Lutheran Brethren International Mission has sent hundreds of missionaries to countries in Asia and Africa. The primary focus is taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups who have no indigenous church through which the gospel can be spread. We currently have missionaries in ChadJapan, and Taiwan working among unreached people groups. LBIM is the international mission sphere of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in North America.

Daily Prayer Note

  • Japan

    March 6
    Dean Bengtson reports that tomorrow is the "3-11 Memorial Concert" at Ishinomaki House of Hope with Shizu Takeshita. Many will be mourning the loss of loved ones who died in the tsunami. Pray for Shizu as she sings and shares the Good News.

Glimpse Project 2.0

November 10-21, 2014 LBIM has provided the Glimpse Project to give individuals and congregations a glimpse into life and ministry in the countries and people groups where we serve. A team, that includes Dan, Micah and Troy, will travel to Chad to film the next installment. We hope to have the finished product in the first quarter of 2015.

  • Micah is a videographer, living and working in New York City. Micah has directed, filmed and produced the Glimpse Project for LBIM in Taiwan, Japan and Chad. He will do the same for us in Chad again.
  • Troy is the Acting Director of Communication and Prayer for the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. It is natural for him to be an integral part of a communication of ministry projects like the one we envision.
  • Dan serves LBIM and the CLB as Mission Mobilizer and Recruiter. He will lead this team to Chad and has done all of the ground work to ensure that this project can be filmed.

Pray for:

  • good interactions with those they visit with and interview.
  • safety in their air travel and protection on the roads.
  • their families back here in the States, especially those with young children.


Volunteer Medical Advisor Named for Chad

The Church of the Lutheran Brethren calls missionaries who serve in countries with limited access to medical care. LBIM is responsible and desires to care for the medical needs of our missionaries so as to maximize their effective service in challenging places. This is especially true in Chad, Africa. Dr. Noel Johnson has accepted the appointment as medical advisor. He is doing so as a volunteer and his role is primarily an advisory and supportive role rather than one of direct medical care, although there may be direct interaction between the medical advisor and our missionary families. We are grateful to God for this important provision for our ministry in Chad.
Matthew Rogness

The Claiming of Ishinomaki

Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 to, “Go and make disciples of all the nations...” Carol and I were to Japan recently and have been honored to be a small part of a unique move of God that is moving through many individuals and ministries in Ishinomaki.

Most notably, Dean and Linda Bengtson have found the center of many hearts that are empty of Jesus’ love, lost in their personal lives of financial and personal ruin, while finding that they have no answers in natural man. In this place of disaster, they are part of a new army of Christians who are bringing Christ's love to them: person to person.

It seems that all the prayers, all the years of consistent and persistent ministry is bearing fruit through the aftermath of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami of 3/11/11. Friendship evangelism at the highest levels are causing the people to say, “We have heart pain,” and to ask, “Why is it just the Christians who are still helping us?” These are openings the faithful have been crying out to the Lord to prepare the Japanese hearts ever since our attention has been on the mission to Japan after WWII.

Pastoral Care Team to Retire

Rev. John and Kathryn Wile have served the Church of the Lutheran Brethren as our pastoral care team for our Lutheran Brethren International Mission missionaries for over twenty years. Their ministry on behalf of the church to our missionaries has been invaluable and critical to the success and the spiritual health of those who serve with LBIM in Japan, Taiwan, Chad, Cameroon and East Asia. Their ministry included interactions from couple to couple, man to man, woman to woman and to our families’ children. It included a ministry of the word of God and of other teaching important and applicable to our missionaries’ specific calling. Our missionaries have often expressed appreciation for their ministry.

With Grateful Hearts

We welcome and thank God for Samuel Anthony, born April 2nd. Samuel joins his family Danny and Mandy, Zeke (5), Theo (3) and Jonah (2).

With grateful hearts we join the individuals and congregations of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in praising God for the financial provision for Lutheran Brethren International Mission for this past fiscal year.


Our missionaries in overseas ministries need and appreciate your partnership in the Gospel as they go to people in Asia and Africa, encouraged by your gifts and prayers.

  • Dean and Linda – Japan
  • Ethan and Sandy – Taiwan
  • Mike and Delores – Taiwan
  • Andrew and Kris – Taiwan
  • Joel and Liz – East Asia
  • Stephen and Sandra – States/East Asia
  • Danny and Mandy – France
  • Steve and Stella – Chad
  • Nathanael and Carrie – Chad
  • Paul and Teresa – Chad
You? A Titus Couple for Chad!

Have you ever considered the value of the “Titus” personalities among us? 2 Corinthians 7:5-7 provides us with a glimpse of the importance of “Titus” types in our mission endeavors. Paul, the missionary, was tired and worn out. He spoke of being harassed at every turn by external conflicts and internal fears (verse 5). But then he meets up with Titus and is greatly comforted and encouraged as a result.

Our LB missionaries in Chad are pioneer missionaries (like Paul was), bringing the Gospel to the unreached; proclaiming the Gospel where it has not yet been proclaimed; bringing Light into spiritually dark places. This does not happen without hardship. God’s Kingdom does not advance without spiritual opposition, marked with the external conflicts and internal fears that Paul experienced.

LBIM is in need of a couple/family to manage our Lutheran Welcome Center. The primary purpose of this guesthouse/conference center is to provide a place of rest and renewal for our missionaries. This is a place for them to withdraw from the “front line” of ministry to debrief, rest and renew their energy, both physically and spiritually. The Center is also a place that provides conference facilities that are available to other mission organizations and the national Chadian Church, a place to come together to pray, to plan, to teach and to mobilize mission activity in Chad.

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